The Memory of Water

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

Tor 29 Maj - Lør 31 Maj kl 19:30
MAN 02 JUNI - LØR 07 JUNI KL 19:30
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Af Shelagh Stephenson
Instruktør: Barry McKenna

Shelagh Stephenson's tragi-comedy has all the wit of Ayckborn combined with the depth of Strindberg. The play is set on the eve of an old lady's funeral at her home somewhere on the cliffs near Whitby in the north-east of England. The house is gradually crumbling and falling into the sea. Her three daughters have assembled to lay her to rest, and come face-to-face with the past and the events that have shaped their volatile relationships. As the women are forced into close proximity, the black comedy unfolds.

The two men, the eldest sister's husband and the middle sister's lover, are thrown into a den of fighting cats. The men try, each in his own way, to defuse the situation but only manage to contribute to the chaos. The youngest daughter is permanently trying to catch her older sisters' attention but feels, as in childhood, she is still being left out.

Ever present is the pristine ghost of their mother, 40 years younger, carefree and unconcerned. She is the poison that has penetrated their existence. It is said in the play that water has a memory and no matter how much a poison is filtered out it still retains a trace of the original toxin. But in its diluted form the arsenic becomes a curative. Perhaps it is this they all needed in order to purge themselves.

Winner of the 2000 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Comedy

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