Journeys – a Storytelling multi-media adventure

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

Lør 07 Mar - Søn 08 Mar
LØR KL 15.00 / 19.30
SØN KL 15.00 / 19.30
EntrÉ 80 kr
Billetter sælges gennem

Instrueret af Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Journey with us to a Parisian café on an adventure in storytelling, theatre and music.

Six very different people meet in a single moment in time to share their stories with you: stories of triumph, of loss, stories that will make you laugh and move you.

Journeys is more than just storytelling: it is an immersive theatre experience, where you will become part of the stories universe as it is told around you, involving all your senses in performance, music and emotions.

Only four shows and in intimate surroundings, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

The production takes place in English.