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Old King Cole af Paul Reakes
Instrueret af Debbie Taylor

Copenhagen Theatre Circle is proud to present Old King Cole to Danish audiences, once again bringing the family tradition of British pantomime to Denmark.

For those not familiar with the tradition, British pantomimes are usually based on a well-known fairytale but some, like this one, are based on a nursery rhyme. They are in fact not mime in the true sense of the word, as they are far from silent! There is singing and dancing and a lot of participation from the audience who are encouraged to cheer the goodies, boo the baddies and generally exchange a great deal of good-humoured banter with the actors. Although basically a children's entertainment, there is always plenty to amuse the adults too. Pantomime is traditionally a Christmas show but CTC has chosen to stage this one in January when most people are back from Christmas holidays and looking for something to chase away those January blues.

In this pantomime we meet Old King Cole. He may be old, but he's not too old to fall in love and he's decided that it's high time he took a wife. The women of the town, including the royal cook, Dotty Dumpling, are queuing up to audition for the role of Queen, but the King has his heart set on Debbie Dumpling, Dotty's beautiful young daughter. Unfortunately, Debbie has fallen in love with Florian, the King's aide. Meanwhile, King Cole's evil brother Peski and his wife Pariah are conspiring to unseat him from the throne, with a little help from a magic pool that reverses the ageing process.

A vital ingredient of a pantomime is audience participation. The audience is invited to "boo" when one of the evil characters appears on stage and to cheer when the hero or heroine appears. Exchanges between the audience and cast are frequent and entertaining.

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Meet the cast of Old King Cole!
On Saturdays and Sundays there will be an opportunity for audience members to meet the cast after the show, take pictures and talk to the actors and actresses.