Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

Ons 20 Jan - Lør 30 Jan kl 19:00
LØR OG SØN KL 14.00 OG 19.00
EntrÉ 160 kr
Billetpris kr. 160.
Kr. 80 for børn på 12 år og derunder.
Der ydes rabat til grupper af 10 eller flere personer.

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The Story
Boo the scheming Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen as they plot to steal the fortunes of the innocent babes, and cheer our dashing hero Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they do their best to ruin the Sheriff's evil plans!

All is not well in Nottingham! The wicked Sheriff is growing rich on the many taxes he is forcing the poor townsfolk to pay and he is about to become even richer. Pip and Penny, recently orphaned and heirs to vast fortunes, have been entrusted into his care and he is hatching a horrible plan to make sure that he will inherit the cash and marry Maid Marion into the bargain.

Standing in his way are the very brave and dashing Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the fearsome Nurse Coddle (the traditional Dame), brainless Dave Knave (wannabe outlaw) and a rather overworked Fairy. Will they succeed in thwarting the evil plot and beat the Sheriff and his villainous henchmen?

This show will be jam-packed with jokes, slapstick, loveable characters (including Daisy the Cow returning for a cameo role), great songs, dances, and all the magic of traditional pantomime.

Are you coming? Oh, yes you are!

Robin Hood: Gizem Mutlu
Marion: Madara Devko
Dave the Knave: Nicole Wardell
Nurse Molly Coddle: Josh Shires
Sheriff: Aditya Kharkar
Block: Andrew Whalley
Tackle: Patrick Presencer
Fairy: Rachel Kador
Pip: Valeria Hollo
Penny: Veda Robidoux
Little John: Andrew Smith
Friar Tuck: Hubert Baumeister
Will Scarlet: Marcin Wlizlo
Chorus: Noemì Costa, Taizya Adedeji, Maia Bojsen Thyme, Anne Sveberg Rebbestad, Claire Coutts, Kristen Flanagan The Director

Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood will be directed by our own, our very own Patrick Stack.