Want to hear a story?

Copenhagen Theatre Circle

Lør 01 Mar KL 20:00 EntrÉ 60 kr
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Copenhagen Theatre Circle (CTC) presents
Want to hear a story?
International storytellers sharing their childhood memories in English

Saturday 1 March at 8 p.m.
Krudttønden (Stalden), Serridslevvej 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Østerbro International School Library

Special Event
Sunday 2 March at 3 p.m. - CTC members only - free entry!
Copenhagen Theatre Circle is proud to present Want to hear a story? - a celebration of childhood memories told by an international group of storytellers.

Come and hear fascinating tales from across the globe, from the Himalayas to Copenhagen's very own Vesterbro. Copenhagen Theatre Circle has gathered a talented international group of storytellers to share their memories of childhood with you in the form of short (10-15 minutes) stories. You will hear forgotten fairytales, captivating childhood adventures and even historical events - all told from the perspective of a
child. The art of storytelling is undergoing a renaissance all over the world at the moment and this is CTC's contribution to this movement. Join us and discover a little bit of someone else's childhood that just might spark the vivid memories of your own youth.

Lisa Buckley, Ireland
Kat Chapiro, Russia
Maureen Egerup, UK
Ida Eriksdotter, Sweden
Alex Fersbye, Denmark
Steven Karwoski, USA
Rosemary Kikon, India
Annemarie Krarup, Denmark
Eira Pryce,UK
Martin Popplewell, UK
Torval Thronberg, Canada

This English-speaking group of theatre enthusiasts has been providing Copenhagen audiences with highquality drama in English since 1968. The CTC presents up to three stage productions for the general public each year and hosts play-readings, improvisation courses and all manner of other theatre and actingrelated events throughout the season. It is also a great place for newcomers to meet like-minded souls who love taking an active role in theatre productions.