Cyberworld XX Release Party

Club Braincorp. Presents:

Lør 20 Okt KL 22:00 EntrÉ 70 kr
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History will be written as the Cyberworld XX compilation is the 1st Industrial/EBM release on a Danish label in 17 years.

At the release party we will offer you 4 of the bands who will appear on the compilation with the concept 4 live acts 4 songs each.

Live on stage:
Memmaker (DK/CAN)
+ Resident DJ Brain
+ Very Special Guest DJ Manmachine

it will be possible to buy the compilation at the event for only 80 dkk beside that the Braincorp. Webshop will be there!

More info about the bands very soon!

- celebrating two decades of Danish electronic music 1992 saw the release of Cyberworld, the first compilation of Danish electronic music from the underground. It heralded a new era in Danish music, an electronic revolution. Several very talented bands made their appearance who had a huge impact, not only on the Danish scene but also internationally. Thus Cyberworld is still regarded as a milestone in the Danish underground today.

Now, twenty years later, we are celebrating not only the anniversary of Cyberworld, but also two decades of evolution for the Danish electronic music scene. Joined together on this release are a handful of veterans from the first Cyberworld, bands that emerged the intervening years as well as upcoming bands, ready to shape the future of the scene.

This compilation features both new tracks and remixes, some of which were created exclusively for this release. The material showcases the high level of quality the Danish electronic scene produces, often in collaboration with other artists from all over the world, as the electronic underground thrives on symbiotic relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Let us enjoy the fruits the union of man and machine. Turn up the music, and dance through the unseen door to the Cyberworld.

CYBERWORLD XX will be released by Braincorp. Records.