Nattefrost, Heidi Mortenson og Carboneids


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Danish musician Bjørn Jeppesen is releasing his solo music under the name Nattefrost. "Transformation"
is the 4th Nattefrost album. The main theme on the CD is "To travel". This time, Jeppesen is again mixing elements from sequencer driven music with ambient sounds and floating melodies. "Transformation" is a bit more rhythmic than the previous albums of Nattefrost. Jeppesen invited the German musician Robert Schroeder. They composed 2 excellent tracks together; Track 3 "Perfectly connected" and Track 8 "Kopenhaachen". Schroeder has released many solo albums and the first 5 of them were produced by Klaus Schulze.

Heidi Mortenson grew up listening to the metallic sounds of her dad fixing cars in the garage and her mum playing the organ. Her first audio modulations began on a small cassette player, La Bamba was a favorite. As a teenager Heidi moved to Barcelona on her own and grew up in the Spanish ghetto.

Heidi gained attention from her concert at SPOT Festival 2008 which got
splendid reviews by the press. The music magazine Gaffa credited her 5 stars,
Musiktidsskriftet Geiger wrote "overall probably the best concert of this year's
SPOT festival and musically absolutely the bravest", the UK Telegraph stated "if Madonna really wants to start pushing popular music into new areas she should forget working with established American production talents like Timbaland and give this mad Dane a call"

Danish musicians Claus Holm Lynglund & Bjørn Jeppesen are the members behind the electronic duo Carboneids. Their music can be described as synthesizer based music with lots of vocals made through vocoders. The music is quite melodic and harmonic and also very rhythmic. Through the time the fans have claimed that they have a style a bit similar to the music of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Carboneids themselves call their music "Electronic future music". The band was started in 1998 when Claus and Bjørn met at "Den rytmiske Højekole" in Denmark. They produced a lot of music. In 2004 the first Carboneids album "…And dark nights" was released and the band was given an Award from the Danish portal "My Music / Band Base" that same year. It happened at the venue "Vega" in Copenhagen. Later on they also released "…And dark nights II" and then the album "Synthsyg" - an homeage to the synthesizer. All 3 albums released by MellowJet Records based in Germany.