Tor 12 Feb - Søn 15 Feb
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Come catch RABIES!

This well-received horror story from the Canadian prairies is now touring Europe. RABIES is a collaboration between Danish playwright Lenemarie Olsen and cutting edge visual theatre company Der Geist Theatre.

How far could you be driven by passion?

Is it the evil all around us that we should fear, or the evil within ourselves?

What are you afraid of?

RABIES is a lyrical thriller in the style of David Lynch about the madness of love and the fear of losing yourself. It weaves together a startling narrative with powerful physical images.

"As psychologically disturbing and creeps-inducing as any masterful cinematic work. A resounding success ... a dark, rich and chilling work." - uptown magazine

RABIES focuses on six lonely souls in the big city during a cold, muggy summer when "the mosquitoes breed like beasts". When Margaret, who spends her time calculating the risks of any given situation, is bitten on the neck, her insistence that something is wrong goes unheeded by her detached sculptor husband Anton and
self-centred doctor Florian - a life-shattering mistake with consequences for all.

DER GEIST THEATRE, an image-based physical theatre collective from Winnipeg, Canada, represents the cutting edge in contemporary North American theatre. This Copenhagen production of RABIES marks the first stop on a European tour.

Lenemarie Olsen
Helle Gerda Olsen
Katrine Sekjaer
Johnathan Bevan
Stephen Furmaniuk
Chris Sabel
Andrea Siemens
Alison Vargo
Priscilla Yakielashek