A number

That Theatre Company

Ons 21 Feb - Lør 24 Mar
MAN - FRE KL 20.00
LØR KL 17.00
EntrÉ 40 KR - 165 kr
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A number

Three sons confront a father. Imagine you found out one day that you were one of a number of copies. How would you feel, and how would you know if you were the "real one", "the human one"?

Human individuality is at the heart of Caryl Churchill's brilliant thriller. A discomforting look at cloning. Punchy, compact and inquisitive; this is no simple warning against the perils of science messing with nature but an intriguing study of parental guilt, regret and responsibility and what it means to be a father or son.

Medvirkende: Ian Burns, Rasmus Mortensen
Instruktør: Helen Parry
Dramatiker, forfatter: Caryl Churchill
Komponist TBC
Producent: That Theatre Company
Arrangør: That Theatre Company