The Clean House

Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre

Tor 19 Sep - Søn 06 Okt kl 20:00
TIR - LØR KL 20.00
SØN KL 17.00
EntrÉ 40 KR - 175 kr
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Would you like to hear a joke? What about the perfect joke?

Clear your calendar and get ready to laugh until you cry and then cry until you laugh. HIT kicks off a new season with the scandinavian premiere of “The Clean House” – a comedic masterpiece by Sarah Ruhl.

Matilde, a sassy young Brazilian comedienne, moves to the U.S., but she soon discovers that telling jokes in Portuguese will only get you so far. When she finds herself cleaning the home of Lane, everything begins to unravel. Starting with the arrival of Lane’s sister Virginia, who obsessively loves to clean, and marked by the entrance of her husband Charles, another successful and charismatic surgeon who has fallen in love with his beautiful and much older cancer patient Ana. While apples fall and hearts are broken, Matilde tries to think up the perfect joke – a joke so hilariously funny, that once you hear it, you will die of laughter.
Funny, tender and emotionally rich, this is a hugely entertaining 2005 Pulitzer Finalist play about the chaos of marriage, life and falling in love. With magical realism and romantic cliché, it ultimately finds humour even in sorrow.

The performance is in ENGLISH.

Matilde: Isabel Escuerdo Zorde
Lane: Jana Pulkrabek
Virginia: Vanessa Poole
Ana: Tina Robinson
Charles: Jens Blegaa

Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Scenography: Jonathon Perry
Light designer: Paul Damade
Sound designer: Karl Heding
Stage Manager: Lakeisha Salto
Directors Assistant: Marie-Louise Sydendal Grand

“The Clean House” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., a Concord Theatricals Company.